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04 Jul 2017

World War Baby: Day Two

by Julius St. Clair

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Throughout history, there is one job that transcends all others in difficulty...parenting.

Likened to war in every way, one man becomes a stay-at-home dad for their newborn infant, as his wife happily goes to work, knowing of the trials he will soon face.

Crawling through the trenches between the bedroom and the kitchen to get a snack without being seen, avoiding chemical bomb diapers, and trying to get over the fact that the enemy is so gosh darn cute, this father will soon learn that all is fair in love and war...and babies.

It is Day Two, and Dad is hungry. But standing between him and the kitchen is a little one watching his favorite TV shows. A little one that needs some attention. A little one that’s watching very carefully...

This is a short story series.

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World War Baby: Day Two
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Julius St.
<br />

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